January 7, 2013

Double-speed USB 3.0 to arrive next year

USB 3.0 became mainstream in 2012, and a double-speed version is due arrive in late 2014. That could mean Thunderbolt stays a rarity.Computing industry powers are doubling the data-transfer speed of USB 3.0 from today's 5 gigabits per second rate to 10Gbps.

The move will uncork speed bottlenecks of external SSD storage devices, open up options such second monitors, and help confine the even faster Thunderbolt interface to a high-end niche.

But it won't happen immediately. The specification should be done in mid-2013, which "will enable initial products to appear in late 2014 with a much broader availability of products in 2015," according to the USB 3.0 Promoter Group...Read more at CNET News

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