April 26, 2004

Double whammy for SCO

In William Goldman's comic medieval farce The Princess Bride, the
Spanish swordsman Inigo needs a miracle to revive his friend, Westley.

He looks up Miracle Max. "He's dead. He can't talk," Inigo
explains to the semi-retired, aged healer.

"Look who knows so much. Well, it just so happens that your friend
here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead
and all dead," Max snaps, then plunges a bellows into Westley's mouth,
eventually reviving him with a miracle pill.

The SCO Group -- embroiled in multiple lawsuits over its disputed
rights to Linux, its financial foundation perhaps in peril, its
revenue shrinking and its stock shaky -- just might need its own
Miracle Max.

Link: sltrib.com

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