Down the Right Corridor: Dynatrace Jump-Starts Cloud Foundry Unit Testing


If you’re a Cloud Foundry applications developer, how well do you test the performance of your work before you deploy it to production?  A CI/CD framework may help you run a battery of automated tests on your code in a sandboxed system. But does it enable you to do unit testing?

“The process of testing in Cloud Foundry,” reads the platform’s documentation, “starts with running unit tests against the smallest points of contract in the system (i.e., method calls in each system component). Following successful execution of unit tests, integration tests are run to validate the behavior of interacting components as part of a single coherent software system running on a single box (e.g., a VM or bare metal).”

If you’re testing your software the way Cloud Foundry’s principal contributors would prefer you did, you’re testing individual functions in isolation. Or, as many developer shops are discovering, they think they are. Or, perhaps they’re performing a series of steps that seem second-nature enough that they may as well be called unit tests, for all anyone knows.

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