July 19, 2007

DSL answers user requests with 4.0 alpha

Author: Shirl Kennedy

The alpha 1 development release of Damn Small Linux (DSL) 4.0, which hit the Net on Tuesday, is "a very different version" that includes a number of features requested by users on the DSL forums.

In the release announcement, developer Robert Shingledecker specifically detailed the key elements, including:

  • New 2.4.34 kernel.
  • Easier to use user interface.
  • A real desktop framework.
  • Drag and drop capability.
  • Better and more flexible file associations.
  • Closer coupling of the icons and file manager.
  • Optional menuless mode.
  • More intuitive interface to MyDSL extensions.

Shingledecker urged would-be testers to read the new Getting Started document. "There are many changes in icons, file manager, accessing menu and mydsl," he pointed out. He said he placed a minimal number of icons on the desktop so users could choose which applications they wanted. As DSL has four different installation methods -- LiveCD, Frugal, Hybrid, and Traditional -- Shingledecker asked that those posting bugs in the forum be sure to note which method they're using.

DSL is a miniaturized Linux distro originally developed, according to its Web site, "as an experiment to see how many usable desktop applications can fit inside a 50MB live CD." The developers have stated that the distribution will never exceed 50 MB. Over time, DSL morphed into a significant community project "with hundreds of development hours put into refinements including a fully automated remote and local application installation system and a very versatile backup and restore system which may be used with any writable media including a hard drive, a floppy drive, or a USB device."

Despite its size, it includes what's nearly a full desktop environment, and is highly versatile. Because it will fit on ultra-portable storage devices such as flash cards and USB flash drives, it has developed a loyal following. DSL even has a port that can run on an Xbox. And it works particularly well on low end or aging machines that would otherwise be put out to pasture.

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