DSPAM® project and Sensory Networks team up

Issam Soubjaki writes “November 22, 2004 – Georgia, ATLANTA: DSPAM®, a leading open source Antispam development project, today announced a partnership to integrate DSPAM® into Sensory Networks’ NodalCoreâ„¢ Security Accelerator.

Open Source is trailblazing a path in network security today. The lower cost of ownership, broad adoption, higher quality of code and functionality are amongst the many reasons open source is gaining more traction within the security industry. Many have been convinced by the rapid response times of open source, often dispatching antidotes to security breaches in real time.

‘We are very pleased to see such great support for an open source solution in the commercial arena. It’s going to be very exciting to see Sensory Networks take DSPAM® to the next level by embedding it in a hardware solution. This will definitely send a message that investing in open source is advantageous for large corporate solutions’ said author of DSPAM®, Jonathan Zdziarski.

Sensory Networks is a leading developer of hardware acceleration technology for the networking and security industry. The company provides a range of OEM acceleration products based on the high performance NodalCore® Security Processing Unit (SPU). DSPAM® is the latest addition to the company’s accelerated developer program, and will make it available to all network security equipment manufacturers featuring its NodalCore™ acceleration technology.

‘We are greatly pleased to be able to offer this leading Antispam solution to our customers and partners. DSPAM® is well known for its great accuracy at Spam prevention, and I am excited about working together to also deliver wire speed performance.’ said Sensory Networks CEO, Matt Barrie.

The Sensory Networks accelerated version of DSPAM® will be available in Q1, 2005. For more information, visit www.sensorynetworks.com.

About Sensory Networks:
Sensory Networks is a leading provider of higher performance, more accurate, deeper coverage network security technology. Sensory Networks is an OEM licensing company producing a range of platforms and accelerators for Antivirus, Antispam, Content Filtering, Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems, based on the company’s patent pending NodalCore® Security Processor technology. Sensory Networks is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, has European offices in Notting Hill, London and performs research and development through its facilities in Sydney, Australia.

About DSPAM and Network Dweebs Corporation:
DSPAM® is an extremely scalable, open-source statistical anti-spam filter. Incorporating Bayesian analysis and other AI technologies to combat unsolicited commercial email in enterprise carrier settings, DSPAM® provides extremely high levels of accuracy. While many commercial solutions claim up to 95% accuracy (1 error in 20), a majority of DSPAM® users frequently see around 99.95% (1 error in 2000) and can sometimes reach peaks as high as 99.991% Over the past 18 months, DSPAM® has gained significant momentum and is the solution of choice by many large and small Internet Service Providers, Universities, and high-volume corporations. With a strong focus on research, DSPAM’s author Jonathan Zdziarski has helped design and implement many next-generation algorithms into DSPAM® including statistical noise reduction, spam vaccinations, and real-time network collaboration.

DSPAM® is a registered trademark of Network Dweebs Corporation.