April 11, 2004

E -mailbag brings a Linux love letter - and a word of caution

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April 11, 2004

Time to catch up with e-mail this week. After our last four columns on Linux, operating systems are on the front burner, along with some general interest questions.

The Knoppix version of Linux, which reader Howard Bates alerted me to a while back, seems to be stirring the most interest. Knoppix, as you'll recall, fits on a single CD, boots, detects hardware, and installs itself without ever touching your hard drive. To the extent you can make a case for desktop Linux, you can make a particularly good case for Knoppix. I've heard from perhaps a half-dozen readers who have tried it. The following e-mail, from an anonymous reader, is typical:

"I love Knoppix . . . I just take the CD with my personal settings also burned onto the disk and away I go. No longer do I have to deal with how someone else sets up their PC. Plop it and presto!

Link: NYNewsday.com


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