May 12, 2003

Eagle Linux Announces New Version 2.2

Michael P. Angelo writes "SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- May 9, 2003 -- Eagle Linux, an educational Linux distribution that offers users the ability to build personal floppy and CD-ROM based distributions, today announced the release of Eagle Linux version 2.2.

Eagle Linux is distributed in the form of a freely available, open source "how-to" document that covers, in full detail, the creation of a standalone floppy, CD, or embedded Linux image.

"This is fantastic news for embedded device developers" said Michael P. Angelo, author and maintainer of Eagle Linux. "With many companies turning to Linux as an embedded OS solution, there is a growing need for in house and remote embedded Linux training." Eagle Linux provides documentation which covers, in full detail, all steps neccessary to create a Linux distribution in less than 4MB which is fully network capable.

"Eagle Linux is invaluable in assisting instructors in teaching embedded and distribution design methods in Linux" said Angelo. Eagle Linux is also used by companies who wish to create and store structured bootable courseware cirriculi, and as the core for embedded development utility shops. Bootable
CD images which function as specialized dedicated servers, routers, multimedia systems, recovery tool and marketing data disks are also easily created using the Eagle Linux documentation.

"Future versions of Eagle Linux documentation will provide instructions necessary for including GUI capabilities and auto-detection of hardware", said Angelo. When asked of the importance of such a self-created Linux distribution, Angelo replied "Linux has seen a dramatic increase in popularity due, in large part, to its open source nature. Eagle Linux provides, in full open source fashion, an easy to understand means to achieve immediate success in Linux distribution design."

About Eagle Linux

Eagle Linux is the leading distribution in providing complete documentation for the creation of CD based Linux Distributions. Eagle Linux assists academic institutions and business sectors in creating specialized CD distributions, as well as full and easy access to pertinent open source documents. Eagle Linux is headquartered in Spokane, Washington, USA. All Eagle Linux documentation is available at

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. Eagle Linux is a trademark of Michael P. Angelo. Other names used may be trademarks of their respective owners."



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