December 15, 2003

Early Adopter Stands Firm on Linux Desktop

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp. couldn't turn to any of its retail peers for advice five years ago when
it began deploying Linux-based desktops.

At the time, the Burlington, N.J.-based company made one of the largest commitments to Linux to date, rolling out more than 1,000 Linux PCs. It was
the largest Linux retail installation ever announced by a U.S. company. The pioneering move was an outgrowth of Burlington Coat's Unix heritage.

Looking back, CIO Mike Prince said Linux has proved to be a "good, reliable" operating system, and the move was "absolutely" worth it. The company has
even substantially increased its Linux deployment since the operating system first crept into its development labs in 1998, when college interns
insisted on using it.

A year later, Burlington Coat Factory began rolling out a half-dozen Linux-based desktops to each of its stores for managers and inventory clerks to
use, and last year the company completed its migration of an average of 15 cash registers in each of its 350 stores to Linux. So Burlington Coat
Factory is now deploying about 7,000 Linux-based clients, according to Prince.



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