December 18, 2004

Ease of computing

So you simply plug your smartmedia card in, the OS detects that there are images on the new volume, and a window pops up with something to the effect of "There are digital photographs on this device, do you want to import them?" All you need to do at this point, is click on either "Cancel" or "Import". Clicking on import will copy all of the images on the device into your main pictures folder, first by creating a folder of today's date, copying the images to that location and deleting the images from the camera once complete. Using then, a VERY intuitive program called "Gthumb" you will now see today's date, and pictures in your program.

This isn't Mac OSX, this is an easier system - Linux with Gnome 2.8 and the hardware abstraction layer installed.

Link: MaJe Online

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