February 22, 2006

Easy-to-Deploy, Easy-to-Use Collaboration Server

Sharon Smith writes "Systems Solutions Teams with Open-Xchange to Deliver
Easy-to-Deploy, Easy-to-Use Collaboration Server
Complete Hardware/Software platform with no open-source experience required

TARRYTOWN, NY, February 22, 2006 – Systems Solutions Inc. today announced the availability of a turnkey mail and collaboration server designed especially for SMB to Enterprise clients -- giving customers with little or no open-source experience advanced email, calendaring and collaboration functionality at a low cost.
The complete hardware and software offering combines a IBM xSeries servers, a customer’s choice of a Novell/SUSE Linux or Red Hat operating system, and Open-Xchange 5 collaboration server. Systems Solutions configures the server for maximum transparency on the customer side, using current email and collaboration set-up, plus any specific requirements.

Open-Xchange Server 5 provides key messaging functions like email, calendaring, contacts and task management -- fully integrated with advanced groupware features such as document sharing, project tracking, user forums, and a knowledge base. Open-Xchange Server 5 offers major productivity improvements through object 'linking' and 'permissioning' and works with 'rich clients' such as Microsoft Outlook as well as most browsers and mobile devices.

“Open-source has established itself in organizations of all sizes," said Dan Kusnetzky, executive vice president, Marketing Strategy, Open-Xchange, Inc. "This approach to development is highly responsive to changes to the environment. Systems Solutions brings together the best of breed open-source operating systems and collaboration software so customers experience a straightforward solution that is flexible and cost effective."

“We find that many companies - in the legal and financial markets especially - require a powerful collaboration platform to handle their documentation, need for access to long histories of information and client confidentiality,” said Frank Basanta, director of Technology, Systems Solutions, Inc. “By packaging Open-Xchange 5 with top software and hardware in a pre-configured server, customers now have a tool designed for efficiency and ease-of-use and able to scale with their businesses.”

About the Server

In addition to the IBM server and Linux or Red Hat operating system, Open-Xchange Server 5 includes Outlook OXtenders, Palm OXtenders and a standardized architecture that enable seamless integration with Microsoft’s Outlook client, Palm’s handheld products and all major browsers respectively with Open-Xchange 5. Other wireless applications such as SyncML allow for server access and a messaging platform that provides maximum flexibility and support to the users.

Prices and Availability

Complete turnkey solutions start at five users for $1,250 and go up to 200 users for $8,042. Seats can be added incrementally in blocks of five. Product is available and ready to ship as of February 22, 2006.

About Open-Xchange Inc.

Open-Xchange Inc. delivers reliable and scalable messaging and advanced collaboration solutions. Its flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is the market-leading advanced collaboration server that combines best-of-breed open source software with commercial software add-ons and connectors. Open-Xchange Server is among the Top 250 most popular and most active open source projects in the world today. Open-Xchange Inc. is headquartered in Tarrytown, NY, with research & development and operations concentrated in Olpe and Nuremberg.

For more information, please visit www.open-xchange.com
About Systems Solutions Inc.
Based in New York, NY, Systems Solutions Inc. (www.SystemsSolutions.com) is the Americas leading Systems Integration solutions provider. With 16 offices, Systems Solutions services the needs of corporations from SMB to Fortune 50 Enterprises across the Americas with a professional staff. Systems Solutions can be contacted at 877-673-0564.

For more information, please visit www.systemssolutions.com"

Link: open-xchange.com

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