October 26, 2003

Easy Intrusion Detection with Linux

Frank Neugebauer writes: Argus Network Security Services Inc. is a complete package distribution that includes
tools pre-built as executables and pre-configured for the major Linux distributions.
This package, called “Easy IDS” is a complete out-of-the-box working
IDS solution for Linux based machines.

The Easy IDS distribution set is available on CD directly from Argus Network Security
Services but you can also download the necessary software.

The installation is as simple as inserting the CD (or copy the software into the/tmp directory of your system) and running the included install shell script.
This extensive script installs everything without asking even a single question.
A world class fully functioning IDS is running in no time. The installation process
installs the following packages into the system:

• Apache Industry Open Standard Web Server
• Snort Open Network Security Intrusion Detection System
• MySQL Open Database System
• ADODB Open Database Tools
• ACID Open Intrusion Analysis Tools

This workshop describes the step-by-step installation. It is tested with Linux
Mandrake 9.1
and Red Had 9.0, but should work with
other Linux distributions as well. It is written for newcomers or users who
never worked with Linux based Intrusion Detection Systems. It should give you
an impression how easy it can be to install Apache, MySQL and ACID and get an
IDS running. Virtually you don’t need to understand or work with MySQL,
PHP or ACID at all. The used installation scripts install everything on your
Linux machine. The software is statically built and doesn’t need any specific
libraries on your system.

Link: linux-tip.net


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