July 13, 2001

Easy season for Open Source

Author: JT Smith

ZDNET: "Within the last few months
we have seen the
emergence of new
distribution releases based
on the Linux 2.4 kernel as
well as new releases of
XFree86, KDE, Samba,
and other packages. When
2.4.0 was released in
January I said it wasn't
time to cheer yet. Well,
that time has come. Red
Hat, SuSE, and Caldera
all have released major
upgrades. Corel and Storm
are gone, but Progeny
seems more than capable
of filling in with a capable
Debian-based commercial
OS. Even Slackware
received a major update
recently. And I can't say
enough good things about
Mandrake 8.0, which
provides a clean install, and seamlessly supports a host of both GNOME and KDE apps. On top
of that, work on the 2.5 kernel is well underway, and the current kernel is at 2.4.6 with 2.4.7
ready soon."


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