June 23, 2006

EasyBeans 1.0 Milestone 1 Released.

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "EasyBeans is an open source implementation by ObjectWeb of the EJB3 container specification. This is the first Milestone of EasyBeans 1.0. It follows the
  preview 2 release.

  EasyBeans can be run in standalone mode, embedded in JOnAS or Tomcat application server.

  Download it from http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?g roup_id=5&release_id=1621

  What's New in EasyBeans 1.0M1 :

  Migration :
  - XSD schemas upgraded to the final release of EJB 3.0 specification (check that the XML files are still valid)
  - persistence.xml : version attribute is now mandatory :
  example : <persistence xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/persistence&quot ; version="1.0">

  New features :
  - JAX-WS 2.0 integration with Celtix : Discover more on http://wiki.easybeans.org/xwiki/bin/News/EasyBeans Celtix
  - Add support for the Oracle Toplink Essentials Persistence Provider
  - Add local call support (local calls were remote in all cases : Serialization was made)
  - Add support for @PersistenceContexts / @PersistenceUnits / @Resources (using mappedName)
  - Add javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException / NoSuchObjectLocalException Exceptions
  - Add support of java:comp/EJBContext
  - Add support for multiple @PostConstruct in a given class (when inheritance is used)
  - Initiate support of deployment descriptor for EJB3
  - Take into account @Resource mappedName attribute for Datasource
  - Add JDBC/Transaction pooling : Used in standalone mode or when embedded in Tomcat. For JOnAS, it uses the AS pool.
  - Partial support of Message Driven Bean ( based on JORAM JMS provider)
  - Start embedded HSQL in socket mode (instead of memory mode)

  Examples :
  - New Message Driven Bean example

  Components :
  - Upgrade to Hibernate 3.2.0.CR2, Hibernate entity manager & Annotations 3.2.0CR1

  Bugs :
  - Fix order of interceptors in compliance with EJB 3.0 final specification.
  - InvocationContext : IllegalStateException was not thrown for get/set parameters method when it's used by lifecycle interceptors.
  - XML schema : Fix error when schema location was missing in persistence.xml file (location is optional).
  - Unbind UserTransaction object in java:comp/ context if it is not a BMT bean.
  - Many more small fixes.

  Source code :
  - Split some source code into separated modules (and small jars file)

  New tools :
  - Browse the source code with Fisheye : http://fisheye.easybeans.org/viewrep/EasyBeans
  - Issues with JIRA : http://jira.easybeans.org/

  More information at:

Link: objectweb.org

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