March 14, 2001

Eazel's lone marketing person says it's business as usual - pretty much

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Brian Croll, the v.p. of marketing for Eazel, is going to be making his own coffee for the time being. He was pretty much the only marketing person standing after Tuesday's carnage, which left the company "in startup mode."
"We have a couple of people who can fill in and help out" with marketing and sales duties. Croll said remaining staff members will be performing above and beyond their normal responsibilities while the company puts itself back together and goes forward.

Croll says that, contrary to rumors, the company will continue development of new products. "One of the things we did is that we kept the key development teams," so that Eazel could continue innovation.

He added that his job will not change much, even without the thirty odd former colleagues. "As we bring out new things we'll still have to talk to the press, for example."

Croll comes from a 14-year-long background in marketing at Sun Microsystems, where, he says, he pushed for projects to come out as Open Source -- though he adds that his stint with Eazel has constituted his entire involvement with Open Source. Croll says he is a happy Red Hat user -- but of course.

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