May 28, 2007

Eben Moglen: GPLv3 not about MS and Novell (video)

Author: Joe Barr

One of the highlights of my visit to San Diego for the Red Hat Summit was the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Professor Eben Moglen. From that interview, we have selected six segments on various topics for your viewing pleasure, and will be publishing one each day this week. First up, an explanation of all the things that GPLv3 is about other than the MS/Novell deal.Professor Moglen explains briefly about GPLv3's work on globalization of the software license, preventing harm to others by members of the community, and the most contentious in earlier drafts, DRM.
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The runtime on this clip is approximately 1:21 minutes. Click the image of Professor Moglen to view the video in Ogg format.

If you have problems viewing the video you might try installing VLC. Why are we using Ogg format? Read this.

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