May 30, 2007

Eben Moglen: It's not easy being a monopoly (video)

Author: Joe Barr

This is the third in our series of video segments from our interview with Professor Eben Moglen. The way he tells it, there are lots of reasons to feel sympathy for Microsoft.Professor Moglen compares Microsoft's concerns and priorities with those of the free software world, and concludes that Microsoft's path is much more difficult.
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The runtime on this clip is approximately 2:25 minutes. Click the image of Professor Moglen to view the video in Ogg format.

Previous videos in this series:

Eben Moglen: GPLv3 not about MS and Novell

Eben Moglen: MS should remove patents from Novell agreement

If you have problems viewing the video you might try installing VLC. Why are we using Ogg format? Read this.

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