February 6, 2006

eBox platform, a GPL'd network service appliance

Author: Isaac Clerencia

Anonymous Reader writes "Warp Networks, an "open source"-based Spanish company, has just released a platform called eBox under the GPL license.
eBox manages several network services, such as proxy cache, content filter, DHCP server, file sharing, Windows PDC or firewall, in an easy and straightforward manner through a web interface. The officially supported system to use eBox is Debian Sarge GNU/Linux, and a tailored version of Sarge Debian installer including the eBox packages is available. There is also a Live CD for those who want to try eBox before installing it for real. If you feel like contributing to eBox development, you can write a new module, report bugs, translate the interface, or just use and recommend it. If you think that it's just "another webmin", read how eBox differs from webmin."
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