May 5, 2005

EchoVNC 1.3 now available

Scott C. Best writes "The EchoVNC team has released version 1.3 of their open-source, secure remote-access tool for Windows. EchoVNC 1.3 adds several new features and significantly improves the connection stability of earlier versions.

EchoVNC source and binaries are available via Sourceforge.

The new 1.3 release adds many new features:

  • A startup wizard to assist with initial setup
  • An option to automatically start EchoVNC at startup
  • OpenSSL is automatically detected to enable the 128-bit AES encryption option

Bug Fixes from version 1.1:

  • Multiple echoServers are now treated correctly
  • Automatic re-connection with known echoServers has been repaired
  • The installer will now correctly update older installed versions

EchoVNC is a secure tunneling utility for VNC-based remote access. EchoVNC comes with a VNC Viewer, and is designed to work with any flavor of VNC Server that you already have installed (e.g., RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC, etc.). With EchoVNC, a PC on your LAN can be securely remote-accessed without any adjustments to your firewall or router configuration. EchoVNC makes standard VNC installs "firewall friendly" with no port-forwarding requirements.

EchoVNC is built upon the open-source echoWare SDK developed as part of the Kaboodle project. With echoWare, any peer-to-peer or client-server Internet application can interconnect via a 3rd-party relay server, making all data traffic appear to be "outgoing" to any client-side firewalls or routers. Via the OpenSSL library, connections between the two applications can have their data content secured with a Diffie-Hellman key-exchange and 128-bit AES encryption. The relay-server supported by echoWare clients is a shareware application called "echoServer" -- together with EchoVNC, it provides an overall remote-access solution that is "firewall-friendly", highly secure, and extremely low cost.

For more information on EchoVNC please visit the EchoVNC homepage"

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