April 11, 2005

EchoVNC release announcement

Scott C. Best writes "This is an announcement of the 1.0 release of EchoVNC.

EchoVNC is a secure tunneling utility for VNC users. With EchoVNC
on both sides of a connection, two VNC users can take remote control of
each other's computers regardless of firewall or router configuration.
VNC becomes "firewall friendly" -- no more port-forwarding!

EchoVNC comes with a VNC Viewer, and is designed to work with
any flavor of VNC server that you already have installed. By installing
the libeay32 OpenSSL file alongside it, EchoVNC will secure your VNC
connections with 128-bit AES encryption. To establish EchoVNC
connections, you will need access to a
packet relay server.

To download a copy of EchoVNC,
click right here.

EchoVNC is free, Windows-only, and open-source
(click here
to get the
source code).

Details of how EchoVNC works, how to get it setup and running, and
other FAQ's about it, are discussed in detail at
the EchoVNC home page."

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