February 2, 2004

Eclipse Position on Sun's Open Letter

Eclipse welcomes the open dialogue from Sun and appreciates the recognition
of Eclipse that it provides. We believe that working together with Sun and
others in the Java community to make sure that we all address "the big
picture" is a very positive approach.

Sun has made several good points in its letter and we openly invite them to
continue the positive, forward-looking discussions with Eclipse that have
been underway for several months.

To be clear, the invitation remains open for Sun to join Eclipse at the
Board of Directors level. This invitation -- extended unanimously by the
Eclipse Stewards -- does not require Sun to abandon or in any way deprecate
the Netbeans platform. It does ask Sun to actively participate in the new
Eclipse Foundation and to take development leadership of one or more Eclipse
Projects (as is asked of every other Strategic Developer). That said, Sun is
invited to join Eclipse at any level: Strategic Developer, Strategic
Consumer or Add-in Provider.

The new independent Eclipse Foundation looks forward to working with Sun,
and the entire Java community, to make Java the preeminent development
platform in the world.

Mike Taylor
Chair, Eclipse Marketing Committee


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