November 27, 2001

Eclipse Webcast - explanation of this Open source

Author: JT Smith

Irish writes, On Thursday November 29, will be hosting a webcast announcing its board of directors and an overview of this the open sourced platform. For those of you wondering what Eclipse is, it has been described to be similar to WebSphere as a completely functional API that can create Web sites, Java programs, C++ Programs, Web Services, EJBs, and is easily upgradeable by plug-ins.

Included in the webcast will be an explanation of how the eclipse can provide developers with more freedom to do those things coming down the pipeline.
This will give Linux users a fully mature IDE that can be deployed on Linux workstations. Developers using Eclipse on Linux can also collaborate with developers using Eclipse on Windows, and vise-versa. Also, the whole thing is open sourced so developers can check out the code.

Eclipse webcast

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