November 1, 2001

Economical Web-based project management application

Author: JT Smith

James Kern writes: "Epiware is a secure web-based project management application ( (that runs on Linux) with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project collaboration. Epiware is ideal for organizations that need a secure way to share information and manage projects. Since Epiware runs on your server, you never have to worry about your local ISP connection going down or the reliability of an Application Service Provider (ASP).
The advantages to using Epiware are your ability to quickly establish a private, secure intranet, that allows users to share documents and information, set deadlines, and manage projects from any computer with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere! Access to your project site is by invitation only. You decide who can use your site, and you decide the appropriate level of security.

Tired of looking for documents on a web site and never finding the one you need? Epiware searches documents by content, not keywords. Folder level permissions allow you to set which users and groups have access to your document. Text previews enable content verification-at a glance--before downloading.

Epiware can be used FREE for up to 15 users or purchased on a user basis starting at $500 for 25 users. For more information: contact James Kern, Epiware, Inc. 2200 Mill Road, 5th Floor, Alexandria, Virginia 22304.
Phone 724-625-9877"

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