EdgeX Foundry Architectural Tenets Spur Sustainable Open Source Ecosystem Development


If you explore the Wiki pages of EdgeX Foundry, you will see several references to the project’s architectural “tenets”.  These are the principles that guide how the project’s contributors and technical steering committee decide what changes are accepted into the project, what features will be pursued, and ultimately what technology the group will advance together.

The tenets of EdgeX did not get established overnight.  They are not some sort of religious doctrine or commandments (although some of us would like to see them carved in stone someday). We didn’t blindly establish them because it fit within today’s software mantra.  

No, the EdgeX tenets have evolved from industry-wide collaboration that addresses the use cases and challenges of edge computing. More specifically, they evolved through trial and practice in Project Fuse, which Dell started more than two years ago and donated to The Linux Foundation earlier this year to seed EdgeX Foundry.  These tenets represent the imbued lessons learned while building EdgeX Foundry, and they are the bedrock that will allow the EdgeX community and the commercial ecosystem around the project to continue to grow and thrive.  

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