From the Editors: You’ve Come a Long Way, Linux


This month, as we do every March, we reported on the Who Writes Linux report from the Linux Foundation. Usually, this is a fairly rote affair: Red Hat and Intel contribute tons of code, Greg Kroah-Hartman does a ton of the work, and we learn about some small firm somewhere that’s cranking out kernel code disproportionate to its size.

But this year, the report included some very interesting information about the success of Linux kernel contributor outreach programs. Linus Torvalds has been criticized for making the Linux kernel a hostile place to work, particularly in the past year or so. This is no reflection of Linus’ increased activity or hostility, though: It’s more a result of increased eyes on the project and the behavior of those therein. Still, the calls for Linus to play nice were largely ignored by Linus himself, and we believe that’s just fine.

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