March 9, 2002

EFF applauds Intel's stand on SSSCA, urges consumers to express concern over copyright abuses

Author: JT Smith

Encouraged by industry testimony in defense
of consumer rights under digital copyright law, the
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today urged consumers
to support Intel's stand against overly restrictive digital
rights management legislation.

At hearings called by Senator Fritz Hollings last week,
Intel Executive Vice President Leslie Vadasz expressed
concern over legislative proposals that would give
Hollywood a veto on the design of new technologies in order
to "secure" copyrighted material. Vadasz was the only
technology industry representative to speak up on behalf of
the public interest and consumer and business freedom.

In today's alert entitled "Oppose SSSCA; Support Intel's
Bravery," the EFF urges consumers to let Intel know how
much they appreciate Intel's stand against abusive
copyright over-protection and in favor of technological
innovation and the fair use of copyrighted materials
traditional under copyright law.

EFF action alert supporting Intel:

For this release:

Followup letter from Vadasz:

EFF notice about Senate hearings on digital controls:

EFF letter to the Senate Commerce Committee on the proposed
SSSCA legislation:

Original EFF alert on proposed SSSCA legislation:

EFF "Intellectual Property - Video - HDTV/Digital Cable"

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