July 27, 2001

EFF rejoins Sklyarov protests after meeting with U.S. Attorney's office

Author: JT Smith

Representatives of the Electronic
Frontier Foundation (EFF) met with representatives of the
U.S. Attorney's office in San Francisco today. There was a
productive dialog, however the U.S. Attorney's office gave
no indication of dropping the prosecution against Russian
programmer Dmitry Sklyarov.

"The people from the U.S. Attorney's office heard our
concerns and asked probing questions about the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act," explained EFF's Executive
Director Shari Steele. "However, they did not give any
indication of their plans for Dmitry, so we encourage
everyone to keep up the pressure and join the protests."

Having explored good faith negotiations, the Electronic
Frontier Foundation rejoins the call for nonviolent
protests worldwide to secure the immediate release
of Dmitry Sklyarov and drop all criminal charges against

A protest is already scheduled in San Francisco for
11:30 a.m. this Monday, July 30, at the Federal Courthouse
at 450 Golden Gate Ave. Additional July 30th protests
are scheduled in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and
Minneapolis, and future protests will likely occur
in 25 or more cities worldwide in coming weeks.

For the latest information on the Sklyarov case, media
releases, legal filings, and future protests, updated
on a regular basis, see:
http://www.eff.org/ and

For related DMCA cases, see:

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