July 30, 2005

Effective Way to Get Free Traffic Is Found

ExtraSales writes "Rebellious marketing: Why must I pay for traffic when my site is good enough to get much traffic without paying?

Traffic is the thing which every online business owner desires the most, and free traffic is the sweetest dream`s embodiment. But why does everyone think that traffic must be paid any way? If a site is really good and useful it must get a free traffic and a well-earned recognition. ExtraSales Directory reveals the way of getting free traffic.

Getting more traffic is the faultless way to promote a website among both search engines and prospective clients. ExtraSales Directory has recently started its free traffic delivery service. It shares its traffic with all its members at no cost. The directory converts its traffic into traffic for its members` online resources.

Despite the traffic is free it is not in the least worthless. It is all clean, targeted and business focused. ExtraSales strongly stakes on this kind of service, for it is seen as a prospective direction of online directories` future development. To maintain the high level of the traffic delivery service, the particular traffic management team is working for the company.

At the same time, ExtraSales propagates practicing honest methods only while the traffic delivery is a slippery ground to act vice versa. “There is a strict rule in our team. We do not use dishonest techniques of attracting attention of internet users. We do not deal with resources which get traffic by scam or delivering information without users` conscious choice and mutual consent between resource and its user,” ExtraSales Project Manager Andre Sabano says.

ExtraSales Directory has recently started operating on http://www.extrasales.biz. It personifies the new kind of online directory which is the B2B community with a number of additional functions which are marketing assistance, provision of useful information and establishing partnership relations."

Link: extrasales.biz

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