December 23, 2004

EJOSA Revolutions 2.2 Released + Article Series!

PRESS RELEASE - New Article Series about EJOSA at the jax magazine! The Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture Template: A Beginners' Way to J2EE Application Development.

What is EJOSA?
The bane of many a J2EE novice has been the complexity associated with developing J2EE applications, using servlets and EJBs. Many commercial J2EE products that tried to address this problem failed either because their products were cluttered with features that overwhelmed J2EE beginners or simply because they failed to contribute to the explanation of the underlying development process itself.

What's New in Revolutions 2.2?
1. Update to use Enhydra Enterprise 6.0. From now on EJOSA is completely based on pure Enhydra Enterprise which is directly based on JOnAS-Tomcat J2EE application server.
2. Add a new MDA cartridge ejosa-model-cost-calculator for calculating the cost of a J2EE application development based on the amount of use cases and classes. Please check the example at: dev-piggybank-swing-enhydra-ejb-hibernate.
3. Add a new MDA cartridge ejosa-component-structure for generating the build management build and execution management bin Ant scripts.

This cartridge can be used if EJOSA upgrades its ext-libs to a newer version. Updating the build and execution scripts looks like following now:
1. Update the cartridge ejosa-component-structure at one time.
2. Re-generate the whole build and bin scripts from the structure model.
Please check the example at: dev-piggybank-swing-enhydra-ejb-hibernate.

EJOSA Template Links:
Project site:

Download Revolutions 2.2: _id=69075&package_id=83592&release_id=272948

Documentation PDF Revolutions 2.2: o2.2-doc.pdf?download

HOW-TO Installation and Release Document Revolutions 2.2: se_id=272948

EJOSA Team hopes to be able to help beginners in J2EE and MDA with this new release and article series!"

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