May 30, 2005

EJOSA Revolutions Version 2.3 available

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "The Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture (EJOSA) Template was built to help Java developers, develop J2EE projects with a low learning curve. With little to no experience in J2EE, and a modest experience in Java, developers were able to use the EJOSA template to create robust and production-ready J2EE projects.

  Patrice Drolet said: "I really love the concept of EJOSA. I went through the tutorial, I modified the piggybank example (I added a donator field). It is really great and works great in an Eclipse project and with the integrated JOnAS app server".

  Introduction Articles to EJOSA:
  1) The Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture Template: A Beginners' Way to J2EE Application Development,id,653,nodeid,147.html

  2) Delving into EJOSA - Part II: A Look into the Architecture and Development Process using the Magic Template om,id,671,nodeid,147.html

  Updates and New Features:
  Update to use Enhydra Enterprise 6.3.1. From now on EJOSA is
  completely based on pure Enhydra Enterprise which is directly based on JOnAS-Tomcat J2EE 1.4 certified application server.

  Update all the cartridges to use AndroMDA 3.0 Final. Add MTL for model-to-model transformation in case you want to build your own language (DSL = Domain Specific Language) for a product family.

  Adding MTL cartridge "ejosa-model-dsl-piggybank" for building PiggyBank product family. An example can be found at dev-piggybank-model-dsl.

  The cartridge "ejosa-model-cost-calculator" now supports Use Case Points (UCP) Based Estimation. These are some good intro papers for UCP Based
  Estimation: mation_Using_Use_Case_Points.pdf sePoints.pdf

  Update all ext-libs available. Please see the readme file at: ejosa-revo/ext-libs/readme-external-libs.txt for more information.

  Have a lot of fun!
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  Blasius Lofi Dewanto
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  EJOSA - Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture
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