January 4, 2004

ekkoBSD Firewall 1.0 Alpha 1 RELEASED

Author: Michael

Michael writes,

We've just released the ekkoBSD Firewall 1.0 Alpha 1! This is a full featured Operating System with security enhancements, state tracking packet filter, and NAT firewall.
Features include:

* A complete OS
* State Tracking Firewall
* Traffic Shaping
* Network Address Translation
* FTP Proxy
* Authenticating Gateway
* Complete Logging Facility
* Easily Managed with the upcoming toolset
* IP Address Pooling (Common Address Redundancy)
* State Log Daemon

It can be downloaded from:
ftp://ftp.sunsite.dk/pub/projects/ebsd/current/ISO /ekkobsd_fw_10A1.iso
Or, from a mirror site.


  • BSD
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