Electric Cloud Automates Rolling Deployments for Zero-Downtime Updates


Electric Cloud wants to free up deployment teams weekends by eliminating the heavy scripting and manual steps involved in releasing new software. The latest feature for its ElectricFlow release automation software is rolling deployments with the push of a button, allowing customers to choose the deployment strategy  including rolling, blue/green, canary that suits them best.

“We’ve heard about the Facebooks, the Etsys, the Twitters, the unicorns, all the wonderful stuff they do in how they deliver software,” said Anders Wallgren, Electric Cloud chief technology officer. “They’ve been able to do that through massive amounts of resources. They’ve spent many years building these bespoke systems to very efficiently push software into production through their delivery pipelines. We’ve been focusing in the past few years on bringing those capabilities to companies that are not unicorns that don’t have the resources or capabilities to build these things from scratch.”

The rolling deployments feature allows teams to practice deployments in QA, staging and pre-production environments so full rollout isn’t the first time its been done, making them more reliable.

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