November 3, 2003

Elematics Supports Carrier Grade Linux on Intel

Annette Oevermann writes "BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2003--Elematics, an innovator of multi-carrier, multi-vendor network control plane software, today announced that its Intelligent Network Control Plane (INCP) software will support MontaVista(R) Linux(R) Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) on Intel processor-based platforms. This high availability, NEBS-compliant, and standards-based platform gives carriers twice the performance at half the cost of current computing platform alternatives.

The INCP is a modular software solution that provides equipment and service discovery, automated provisioning, and a universal method of communicating with leading transport equipment for common management functionality.

"The continued development of a comprehensive software ecosystem around carrier grade Linux will help carriers reduce both capital and operational expenses," said Anthony Ambrose, general manager, Modular Platform Programs, Intel Corporation. "The availability of resource control software on Intel-based platforms such as Intelligent Network Control Plane from Elematics is another step forward in delivering vendor choice to service providers."

"CGE responds to telecommunications market needs with a powerful commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product that meets emerging carrier-grade requirements," said Glenn Seiler, director of product marketing, MontaVista Software. "MontaVista Software's carrier-grade Linux is aligned with OSDL specifications and runs on Intel silicon and building blocks, to provide telecommunications equipment manufacturers and network equipment providers with improved cost, choice, and time-to-market."

Elematics is providing the INCP on MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition in response to an increasing demand from its customers who seek to lower overall costs through Linux-based solutions on Intel platforms, while maintaining the high performance and availability of their mission critical applications. INCP is already available for the Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system.

"Our customers want choices when selecting a robust operating system for their network management and control systems, and MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition provides them with an attractive alternative," said Robert Lane, Elematics' vice president of product management and marketing. "INCP for carrier-grade Linux provides them with a software solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing environment." INCP for Linux will be available in Q4 of this year.

About Intelligent Network Control Plane(TM) (INCP)

Elematics' Intelligent Network Control Plane delivers multi-carrier, multi-vendor connectivity and dynamic control of both legacy and next generation transport networks. The product integrates with existing network management applications and provides comprehensive, real-time operations management of carrier networks. To simplify and unify control over the transport network, the INCP provides a consolidated network-wide source of all inventory, topology, performance, fault, and service information. The INCP simplifies equipment and OSS integration, gives carriers the freedom to select best-of-breed equipment and applications, reduces capital and operational expenditures, and powers new applications that deliver revenue-generating services.

About Elematics

Elematics, formerly known as QOptics, is an innovator of multi-carrier, multi-vendor control plane software that maximizes carrier revenues and minimizes expenses by providing the industry's first software solution for real-time network control and connectivity in global communications networks. The company's unique Intelligent Network Control Plane(TM) product allows carriers to provision network connections in real-time, as well as offer new services, recover stranded assets, and seamlessly integrate next generation and legacy transport equipment. By helping carriers do more with what they have today, Elematics is changing the face of global communications. For more information on Elematics, please call 503-716-1060 or visit

About MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition

CGE is a carrier-grade quality Linux distribution targeted for edge and core telecommunications including applications for the converging IP and voice networks such as soft switches, SGSN(1) and GGSN(2) and Voice over IP (VoIP) gateways, and many other applications. CGE enhances standard Linux with additional real-time, high availability and high reliability features based on the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) Carrier Grade Linux Specification, and it is designed for deployment in any carrier-grade class environment. CGE is being deployed by several leading global telecommunications companies for advanced communications devices.

CGE is the first Linux operating system to combine full support for the PICMG 3.0 Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA(R)) technology with support for key high availability APIs from the Service Availability (SA) Forum. CGE 3.1 is the first Linux operating system to begin implementing APIs from the SA Forum's Application Interface Specification (AIS) for clustering. CGE supports both the Intel IBM PowerPC architectures and features Persistent Device Naming (guaranteeing consistent device naming), SysFS -- a standard device driver interface model that supports Persistent Device Naming, and NPTL support for improved compliance and scalability for POSIX threads. MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition also boasts an expanding ecosystem and growing customer adoption.

MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition 3.0 is currently available from MontaVista Software sales channels. CGE 3.1 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2003. For more information, visit

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MontaVista is a registered trademark of MontaVista Software, Inc. All other names mentioned are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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