January 2, 2007

Elive 0.6 Screenshots

Anonymous Reader writes "A bug-fix update of Elive "Revolution" has been released. Here is a brief list of some of the changes: "Fixed SCSI emulation CD-ROM driver; fixed Czech boot option; fixed special character problems in menus; added new sounds to the 'Elive look'; installer updates which will fine-tune a new installation on first boot; new drivers for wireless networking; added Flash 9 beta browser plugin; removed OpenOffice.org from the ISO image due to space reasons; added Java; added Transmission - a small, fast, simple and effective BitTorrent client; added Torus trooper - a game; made Thunar the default file manager; updated Cinelerra to version 2.1; added KQEMU, a KDE front-end from QEMU; added measures to prevent root login into graphical desktop...." - DistroWatch.

Screenshots of Elive 0.6 are available at LinuxQuestions.org."

Link: shots.linuxquestions.org


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