Elon Musk: With Jobs Gone, Google Will Win Mobile (And Look Out For The Hyperloop)



World-renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk held a roundtable session at the Foreign and Comonwealth Office last Thursday in London. It was the kind of event the UK government has seen much more of lately. Two years ago the Prime Minister David Cameron set aside budget for a special office to fan the flames of London’s burgeoning tech cluster with the “Tech City” initiative and re-invigorated its online strategy with an open source and data approach to Gov.uk. It was appropriate then that several Valley players took part in Silicon Valley Comes To The UK events last week. But Musk was not there to sing their praises, but merely to expand on his general world view. Interviewed by Number 10 special adviser Rohan Silva, Musk opened up on a number of issues, some he’s touched on in the past, and others he expanded upon more fully.

Silva opened by asking how rare it was these days to see companies created which were worth more than $50bn, and yet Musk himself had helped to create at least four so far.


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