May 13, 2016

Embracing SDN & NFV to Optimize Enterprise Data Center Operations

Virtualization technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and  network functions virtualization (NFV) offer new opportunities for how data centers can manage their IT infrastructures. As networks become more programmable, enterprise data centers can achieve greater agility.  SDN and NFV are influencing the convergence of IT, data center, and telecommunications. They give data center managers the flexibility and scalability to anticipate changing market demands and stay ahead of customer expectations.

Embracing SDN & NFV to Optimize Enterprise Data Center Operations SDxCentral defines software-defined networking (SDN) as a way to manage networks that separates the control plane from the forwarding plane. SDN is a complementary approach to  network functions virtualization (NFV) for network management. While they both manage networks, both rely on different methods. A Gartner report indicates that by 2017, 10 percent of customer appliances are going to be virtualized, up from today’s 1 percent. Industry analysts are forecasting that more network traffic will be virtualized over the next five years.

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