March 16, 2004

An Emerging Trend

Guest writes

"One of the biggest trends in Linux and UNIX today, seems to be the development of 'LIVE' CDs... wherein the complete OS is contained on a CD and yes sometimes a DVD. All the user has to do is boot from the removable media, and in a few short moments, they have a fully fuWilliam Nettnctional Operating System! If I were to say that Closed Source doesn't do this yet, I'd be wrong... seems BSD is hopping on this band-wagon as wel

This is a huge step in trusted and reliable computing, imagine your computer's contents being contained on a non-writable CD? THIS is the answer to the thin-client, which has been ridiculed for being such a bandwidth hog. Currently, there are approximately 161 different distributions of 'Live' Linux CDs, yes, BSD is included, and please don't flame me that BSD is UNIX...I know already! Although most of these 'Live' CDs do require the availability of a Hard Drive for use of 'Swap-Space' or 'Virtual-Memory', their functions vary from plain desktops to firewalls and downright hacking/forensics distros. This is one niche' that Microsoft hasn't even begun to explore."



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