June 29, 2006

Emu Software Releases NetDirector for Solaris

Emu Software writes "Cary, North Carolina - June 28, 2006 - Emu Software is pleased to announce the availability of their NetDirector Agent for Sun Solaris operating systems. NetDirector users wishing to manage their native UNIX services (Apache, BIND, Samba, Sendmail, Users and Groups, etc) running on Solaris can now download from SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/netdirector) the NetDirector Beta Agents for their Solaris x86 and SPARC architectures. In combination with NetDirector's broad support for Linux, the availability of Solaris support enables mixed Linux/Solaris shops to more securely and efficiently manage their environments.

Once NetDirector users select the service (Apache, BIND, Samba, Sendmail, etc.) they wish to manage, they can then select any number of servers, running either Solaris or Linux, to affect the desired configuration change. With NetDirector, making a change to multiple servers running a diversity of operating systems is as easy as making a change to one server. Servers managed with NetDirector can be physical or virtual, remote or local. NetDirector features the ability to schedule management events, rollback changes, enforce segregation of duties with role-based permissions and provide audit trails of all changes by user, server and service. In addition to these powerful capabilities, NetDirector can be used to start and stop services remotely, run top and df commands and for server configuration cloning, which speeds the set-up of new servers, reduces downtime after hardware failure and eases platform migration.

According to Ron Herardian, CEO of Global System Services Corporation (www.gssnet.com), a Sun partner and premier provider of enterpise consulting and professional services, "NetDirector is the best tool to manage native UNIX services across different versions of UNIX, including Solaris."

The NetDirector Community Edition can be downloaded from SourceForge and distributed free of charge. Emu Software also offers support subscriptions for their NetDirecotPro product which includes not only telephone but also email support. NetDirecotPro delivers additonal features such as a secure SSH extension to NetDirector's role-based permissions, extending this important compliance feature to the management of servers for which a NetDirector module does not exist (such as custom applications, certain proprietary databases, etc.) NetDirectorPro also includes support for single sign-on with LDAP and Kerberos management capabilities, as well as integration with Red Hat Network for the patching and provisioning of RHEL and Solaris machines (SSH role-based permission extension, Red Hat Network integration and LDAP/Kerberos all available in Release 3.0, scheduled for Beta availability July 5, 2006).

Emu Software also works with customers to optimize NetDirector for their specific needs. Whether this means writing a module to manage a custom, in-house application, or integrating NetDirector with other management, monitoring and service desk tools, Emu Software's efficient, full-time development team can tailor a solution to fit your precise needs, and for much less than you might think. Contact sales@emusoftware.com to learn more

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