October 1, 2009

End User Summit Speaker Lineup Announced

LinuxCon was a great success for attendees, but even as that show wraps up, the Linux Foundation is preparing for the Second Annual End User Summit.

The End User Summit, sponsored by IBM and Intel, is an invitation-only event that provides corporate end users a great chance to learn and interact with leaders in the Linux community, including the highest-level maintainers and developers.

The Summit will take place November 9-10, 2009 at the Hyatt Jersey City on the Hudson and will provide CTOs, architects, senior IT representatives, and kernel developers a direct connection to one another for advancing the features most critical to using Linux in the enterprise. Located just off the Exchange Place Path Station, corporate Linux users from financial services, healthcare, energy, and government will have quick access to the event from East Coast hubs.

"The Linux Foundation End User Summit is an exclusive event for end users and developers to have unfettered access to discuss the most pressing development opportunities for Linux," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. "In its second year, the Summit will facilitate collaboration among Linux community members who, until recently, did not have the opportunity to discuss face-to-face the most pressing new usage models and demands facing the Linux platform."

Attendees will have many opportunities, formal and informal, to exchange knowledge and network with their peers and developers.

Program Sessions include:

  • Jeffrey Birnbaum, senior vice president of Strategy Architecture and Optimization at Bank of America, sharing his perspective on performance challenges in network and file I/O.
  • Brian Clark, NYSE Euronext, chief software architect, discussing the present and future of "Linux on Wall Street."
  • Jim Zemlin, hosting a discussion with Novell's Vice President of Product Management, Carlos Montero-Luque, and Red Hat's CTO, Brian Stevens, about what's next for Linux from a distribution's perspective.
  • A host of top technical sessions led by kernel developers and maintainers that address the future of Linux (James Bottomley); scaling Linux on Nehalem to 4096 processors (Christoph Lameter); tracing and performance management on Linux (Ted Ts'o, Elena Zannoni); virtualization management (Christoph Hellwig); and a Linux file systems and storage overview (Ric Wheeler, Josef Bacik).
  • Open Invention Network's Keith Bergelt will partner with the Linux Foundation's legal counsel Karen Copenhaver to provide an update on advances made on the legal front.
  • IDC Research Vice President Al Gillen, detailing the growth opportunities for Linux and open source software in a down economy.

This is an invitation-only event, and those interested in attending should request an invitation now.

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