April 1, 2002

EnFuzion from Turbolinux picked by Rockefeller University

From Turbolinux: Rockefeller University in New York hosts a five-person research group doing large-scale comparative protein structure modeling as part of the Human Genome project and needed a cost-effective solution to add computing power to support its research. The group's computing requirements had outgrown the capabilities of its 20-CPU UNIX-based supercomputer.

EnFuzion from Turbolinux allowed the group to cluster its existing SGI Origin 2000 supercomputer along with a handful of UNIX workstations and a 16-node Turbolinux cluster running on newly-purchased but affordable Intel architecture servers. The group's own internal benchmarking showed the 16-node Turbolinux cluster under EnFuzion performed 20 percent faster than the supercomputer at a cost of under $30,000. The supercomputer had cost them more than $600,000.

"Hardware for parallel computing is finally becoming cheap enough and software is finally good enough to make sense for people other than the 'parallel computing' enthusiasts," said Professor Andrej Sali, head of the research group at Rockefeller University." With [EnFuzion] there is no need to modify your programs to use parallel computing. And you can use a heterogenous, multi-purpose system of machines, which may already exist in many cases. You can also grow it slowly, as resources permit, without throwing away what you already have."

About Turbolinux EnFuzion
EnFuzion clusters all available computing resources on a corporate network to create a powerful "virtual supercomputer" and, as a result, allows companies to reduce time and costs associated with computationally demanding data processing jobs. Traditionally, these jobs - such as complex financial calculations - have been handled by expensive high-end servers. With the growing need to process increasing volumes of complex jobs in a shorter time period, the cost of traditional solutions becomes prohibitive. To learn more please visit www.turbolinux.com.


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