April 14, 2015

Engine Yard Buys OpDemand, Maker of Deis, a PaaS Built on Containers

The Docker market is indeed developing so fast that the distance between historical milestones is now measurable in hours. The latest such milestone also stands as an indicator of the twilight of the first era of PaaS, when language interpreters were deployed on public clouds as platforms.

Tuesday morning, Engine Yard — the proprietor of one of the first platforms-as-a-service to use a dynamic language, Ruby on Rails, as well as one of the first to adopt multiple languages at once — announced its acquisition of Boulder, Colorado-based OpDemand, whose Deis container deployment system for Docker had actually been inspired by Engine Yard’s later competitor, Heroku.

“The reason for choosing OpDemand was that they were so far out in front of the issues that we came across, as we started building our own infrastructure to support containerized applications,” stated John R. “Beau” Vrolyk, Engine Yard’s CEO, in an interview with The New Stack. “It became obvious that adding them to our team was really going to be a win for both companies.”

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