July 27, 2005

English Language Mambo Book Announced

Damian Carvill writes "Packt Publishing has announced details of the first

English language book on Mambo, the powerful open

source Content Management System. Published in August, ‘Building Websites with Mambo’ is a fast

paced tutorial to creating a website using Mambo.

Mambo is a mature and fully featured Content Management System (CMS). First released in

2001, the system is now on release 4.5.x and is supported by an active and well organized

open source development team and community. Mambo is both easy to use at the entry level

for creating basic websites, whilst having the power and flexibility to support complex web


The benefits of choosing Mambo as your Content Management System are simple: users don’t

have to be experienced developers or designers to achieve a great, professional looking

website with a full set of functions. For new users, Building Websites with Mambo is an

ideal guide to help you through every step. The book will walk readers through each step of

the system in a friendly and accessible way.

The book begins by introducing Mambo and concepts behind content management. Then the

installation of Mambo, and its supporting software [Apache/MySQL/PHP] is covered clearly

and simply. Once the installation is up and running, a tour of Mambo, as it appears out of

the box, is covered, giving readers an idea of what Mambo is capable of.

The book then goes on to building an application, using the essential features of Mambo.

Once a base version of the site is up, the book explains how to change its appearance and

feature set to suit particular requirements, including bringing it into line with an

established corporate identity. Finally, if readers have the skill and the need, they can

add their own extensions to Mambo.

Building Websites with Mambo will be released in August, for more information, please

visit: www.PacktPub.com/mambo/book

About Packt Publishing
Packt, pronounced ‘Packed,’ published its first book “Mastering phpMyAdmin for Effective

MySQL Management” in April 2004 and subsequently continued to specialize in publishing

focused books on specific technologies and solutions.

Our books and publications share the experiences of your fellow IT professionals in

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Packt is a modern, unique publishing company with a focus on producing cutting-edge books

for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike."

Link: packtpub.com

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