September 30, 2003

Enhydra announces series of releases

Enhydra writes "Hi all,
I just want to inform you that the final version 5.1 of DIRECTOR (load balancer and faiover module for Enhydra) is released.
Director is a collection of open source web-server plugins to provide loadbalancing, clustering and unified connection methods for different web-servers on different plattforms to the Enhydra application server.
DIRECTOR Development Team

The final version 5.1 of KELP is released.
The Kelp project (IDE plugins for Enhydra development) is focused on creating tools that make it easy to get the most out of other Enhydra projects such as XMLC and DODS. Kelp includes command line tools, application wizards and IDE add-ins. Kelp currently supports Eclipse, Netbeans, JBuilder and JDeveloper on Windows and Linux"

The final version 5.1 of DODS is released.
Data Object Design Studio is an open source Object/Relational mapping tool.
Based on XML data model descriptions (DOML files) SQL DDL, sophisticated Java O/R code and documentation (HTML, pdf, XMI) is generated automatically using a generator GUI, by Ant tasks or from within your IDE of choice (using Kelp).
The generated Java code provides a lot of possibilities for runtime optimization (DO LRU caching, Query LRU caching, cache initialization, lazyloading,...).
DODS can be used with or without the Enhydra application server.

DODS Development Team"

The final version 5.1 of Enhydra is released.
Enhydra is a Open Source Java/XML Application Server. It contains additional functionality to build dynamic Web applications, including an XML engine (Enhydra XMLC), Database Connection Pooling, an object-to-relational mapping tool (Enhydra DODS), presentation management, session management, load-balancing / clustering (Enhydra Director), session persistence and failover, advanced logging (with log4j), easy administration and configuration, IDE integration (Enhydra Kelp), an MVC presentation framework (Barracuda), a relational ETL tool (Enhydra Octopus), lots of examples / demos / documentation, support for Windows and Linux system services and more.
Release 5.1 contains a lot of new features, so give it a try !
Enhydra Development Team"

The final version 2.2 of Octopus is released.

Octopus is a simple Java-based Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tool. It may connect to any JDBC data sources and perform transformations defined in an XML file.

Many different types of databases can be mixed (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, QED, JDBC-ODBC with Excel and Access, MySQL, CSV-files, XML-files,...)

Octopus supports Ant and JUnit to create a database / tables and extract/load data during a build or test process.

Now with new default-value mechanisms and XML validation !
Octopus Development Team"

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