February 26, 2004

An Enlightened Viewpoint from FTSE

Chuck Talk writes "The American technology press is so often lacking that finding a real news story can be a hard thing to do. I was surprised to read a very compelling piece from ComputerWeekly about an idea that has been questioned by some.

The reason that I say that the piece is compelling is that it is coming from the professionals in the trenches. It isnt written as an American article, there is an honest opinion coming from the user community at large, not an analyst opinion or a simple regurgitation of the company line.

The User community in this case is not your ordinary user group either. They are instead the Jericho Forum, a group which represents the heads of security from FTSE businesses. Their message was loud, clear and unequivocal. That message was that Microsoft should not rely on security through obscurity.

What makes that message have weight far beyond the average user is that this forum is the forum for risk management and security for Europe. The FTSE, for those of you who have never heard of them, hold about two and one half trillion US Dollars under financial management in seventy-seven (77) countries. For those who are visually inclined that is $2,500,000,000,000.00 US Dollars of capital. I would tend to think that their opinion means something, and should be heard."

Link: orangecrate.com


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