September 7, 2012

Enough with the Command Line. Say Hello to MSS 2.

Since its inception, Mandriva has been known for delivering solutions that are easy to use.
Since the beginning of 2012, many things have happened ; and very soon you will see the release of new products that help businesses with the tools they need for their infrastructure and their IT.

Today, we decided to show you that we have redesigned the Mandriva Server Setup 2 (MSS 2) in an even more intuitive way. MSS 2 allows you to configure your server without any complicated tinkering and with a minimal technical knowledge. And while you donât need to run an IT department to know how to configure and use Mandriva Server, MSS 2 will help IT professionals lower the time they spend on server configuration and maintenance. The video below shows an overview of a server configuration with MSS 2 and how you can save time and effort that are better spent on your business.

MSS 2 Demopar Mandriva_videos

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