January 15, 2002

Ensim announces Canada's largest hosting provider as a customer

Author: JT Smith

Ensim Corporation, the leading provider of
hosting automation solutions, announced today that Canada's largest hosting company,
Tera-Byte Online Services, has become a customer of Ensim's flagship product,
ServerXchange(tm) 3.0, facilitating Tera-Byte's phenomenal growth trajectory.

ServerXchange 3.0, the hosting industry's first open hosting operations management
platform, offers centralized control of servers, applications, and appliances from a single
Web-based console. ServerXchange is unique in its support for heterogeneous software
and hardware environments. With ServerXchange 3.0, Tera-Byte can flexibly manage
scalable and heterogeneous data centers, reduce time-to-market for new hosted services,
build a profitable reseller channel, as well as enhance customer satisfaction while
lowering support costs - all contributing to the company's projected 500-percent growth
for 2002.

"ServerXchange 3.0 captures the operating efficiencies with automated management that
will prove critical to our success going forward," said Steve Keyser, president and CEO
of Tera-Byte. "The reseller capabilities of ServerXchange 3.0 allows us to launch our
channel on the turn of a dime, making an incredible contribution to the ROI of our

"Tera-Byte's deployment of ServerXchange 3.0 is a clear endorsement of the business
processes that we let even the largest hosting providers rapidly adopt for a competitive
advantage," said Rosen Sharma, president and CEO of Ensim. "Tera-Byte has always
been a forerunner of innovation and customer responsiveness, and we expect to help them
continue in that direction."

ServerXchange 3.0 will automate Tera-Byte's Linux and Windows® NT environments,
and the hosting plans that run on them.

Using ServerXchange 3.0, Tera-Byte's will be able to aggressively build a reseller
channel with Ensim's Reseller Automation Suite. Tera-Byte will be able to offer
differentiated, private-label reseller services that are easy to scale profitably with self-
service and automation capabilities. Resellers benefit from a framework for defining and
provisioning plans, built-in online selling capabilities, automated customer billing and
management, as well as three-tier management that empowers the hosting provider, the
reseller and end-customer with extensive self-support.

Tera-Byte will also leverage Ensim's Private Server technology. It partitions any Linux
or Solaris(tm) server into multiple Private Servers. Each Private Server has the same
security and isolation as a dedicated server. Private Servers are economical and reliable
for virtual and dedicated Web hosting, reseller hosting, e-commerce, intranet
collaboration and streaming. Private Server is ideal for entry-level hosting plans, and
affords seamless migration for fast-growing customers and resellers to premium
dedicated-server offerings.
Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Tera-Byte (www. tera-byte.com) provides a wide
variety of services ranging from dedicated servers and shared hosting to Web design.

About Ensim Corporation

Ensim Corporation is the market leader in Hosting Automation products and services.
The company's flagship product, ServerXchange, is used worldwide to automate the
management, deployment and sales of hosted services. Ensim is headquartered in
Sunnyvale, California with sales offices in the United States and London. The privately
held company is funded by New Enterprise Associates, Worldview Technology Partners
and other blue-chip venture capital firms. For additional information please visit
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