June 3, 2008

Enterprise Open Source: Weeklong Chat with Some Big Names

Author: JT Smith

CIO.com is hosting a blog-based "panel discussion" this week (June 2-6) about the challenges of getting business acceptance for open source. Anyone can comment and ask questions of these folks. Yes, that means you're invited.

A small subset of the participants include Mike Milinkovich (of the Eclipse Foundation), Marten Mickos (former CEO of MySQL), Dominic Sartorio (president of the Open Solutions Alliance), Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Novell SUSE Evangelist), Wikipedia's Doman Mituzas, Ron Gula (developer of Dragon IDS).

There's also reference to a survey conducted by CIO which found that Open-source solutions are becoming more commonplace in corporate IT, if not precisely mundane. The study also identifies where the friction is in business open-source adoption, and which application types are most popular.

Link: advice.cio.com


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