Enterprises are Adopting and Supporting OpenStack


Debate is continuing over whether the OpenStack cloud computing platform has more hype than deployments, but that’s not stopping many large companies from adopting it. In one of the more interesting recent deployments, online and offline payments provider PayPal has moved several key components of its IT infrascture onto OpenStack, according tocomments from PayPal senior engineer Scott Carlson at the VMworld conference in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Red Hat’s newly announced certfication program for OpenStack, along with its long roster of Fortune 500 customers, could be more good news for the platform.

ITNews covered Carlson’s comments on PayPal’s decision to go with OpenStack, where he noted that the decision was made to increase the company’s “fast reactions” to changes in the market.  Many companies going with OpenStack are focused on its flexibility and ease of customization.


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