May 16, 2005

Entire Senior Staff of LinuxWorld Magazine Resigns

James Turner writes "Senior Editorial Staff of LinuxWorld Magazine Announce Resignations.

MONTVALE, New Jersey, May 14th, 2005 --- The entire senior editorial staff of LinuxWorld Magazine has today announced that they will be leaving the magazine, effective immediately.

The following statement was released by the group. âWe regret that Sys-Con Media has been unable to apply a standard of journalistic ethics that we can comfortably operate under. We feel that recent articles published with the consent of Sys-Con Media fail to meet minimum generally accepted journalistic codes, and because the management of Sys-Con Media has failed to acknowledge that the articles are by all informed judgment ethically unsupportable, we have decided we must find other avenues for our work.â


James Turner

Dee-Ann LeBlanc
(604) 898-8433"

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