September 28, 2006

Epiware Open Sources Document Management Suite

Patrick Waddingham writes "Epiware, a developer of cutting edge web-based applications for the Department of Defense and public companies, has announced that Epiware Document Management Suite has been released as Open Source

using the GNU General Public License (GPL). Epiware provides an alternative to commercial document and program management applications.

Epiware combines powerful document management software with a simple, intuitive interface built using the popular PHP language. The Epiware Document Management Suite gives users such advanced

features as a smooth AJAX-enabled drag-and-drop interface for accessing files, file version and distribution control, and project management tools.

Jim Kern, CEO of Epiware, says: "Epiware is dedicated to delivering high quality open source solutions to businesses to reduce overhead costs and improve data retention. With Epiware's integrated

solution employees will spend less time emailing and searching for documents that already exist; it will boost efficiency, reduce paperwork and cut costs."

Epiware will soon announce their support structure for companies to receive year-round technical support on Epiware Document Management Suite and other products for companies requiring mission

critical support.

Epiware has also released SSLBridge as an Open Source product under the GPL license. SSLBridge is an easy-to-use web-based interface that uses Samba to give employees access to a company network

via the Internet. More information about SSLBridge can be found at

About Epiware
Epiware is a developer of powerful, open source software using web-based technologies based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP). The Epiware Document Management Suite is the result of years of

development and refinement to satisfy both government and public clients. More information about Epiware can be found at

About Epiware Document Management Suite
The Epiware Document Management Suite is the flagship product of Epiware. Using PHP and MySQL, Epiware provides a total solution for companies that need to store and share files in an efficient and

secure environment over the web.

With features like individual projects and user classifications, company employees as well as trusted third-party personnel can use the same system to send and receive files while maintaining

access control.

The highly intuitive AJAX-enabled document management library supports multiple folder levels, file access and modification history, a watch list, and other additional features to keep your

documents safe and secure while providing an environment that fosters collaboration."


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