June 28, 2001

Eric Raymond responds to changes at VA Linux

Author: JT Smith

LinuxToday has an interview with ESR, the Open Source advocate and member of VA Linux Board of Directors. (VA Linux owns NewsForge.) On VA leaving the hardware business: "The world used to need Linux hardware specialists, but times have changed. In 1998 stuff like server-ready SMP motherboards was still exotic
hardware and Linux was still novel; having expertise in either was unusual and being able to sell the combination was an attractive business, especially with an
Internet buildout in full roar.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the bank. Linux succeeded too well,
and attracted too much money. VA helped that happen; it built damn fine
hardware, it subsidized a lot of open-source projects, sponsored a lot of shows,
and did marketing into places the Linux community never reached before ..."


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